“Too many files in system”. If it happens that macOS console trows this quite unspecific error, you can discover what process to blame for that one by running:

lsof -n | perl -pe '$x = <>; while(<>) { ($cmd, $pid, $rest) = split(/\s+/); $cmds{$pid} = $cmd; $pids{$pid}++;} while( ($key, $val) = each %pids) { if ($val > $max) { $max = $val; $maxpid = $key; } } print "pid: $maxpid ($cmds{$maxpid}) has the most ($max) filedescriptors \n";'

Too many files macOS error

Found in an answer by stevep98 in Reddit.

You can use apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop --no-install-recommends in case you need only a few, basic packages from KDE. Via Debian User Forums.

Today I’ve discovered ChocolateChip-UI, a framework meant to be a solution for webapps developers to be able to mimetice the look and feel of iOS, Android and Windows Phone native apps. It has a commercial version, but it also has an open-source one covered by the BSD license, which is compatible with GPL developements.